Lesson 04

Training Account

A Beginner’s Guide to creating a training account

What is Training Account?

One way to compare forex trading is to a pilot’s flight simulator. Similarly, demo accounts offer traders a risk-free practice setting before they engage in real money trading. Traders may hone their techniques and talents without taking on real financial risk, just like pilots practice maneuvers in a simulator. 


Users can perform simulated trades on the demo account which replicates actual market conditions and learn from both their achievements and mistakes. 


Traders can move to real money live accounts whenever they feel comfortable enough with the emphasis being on skill development and learning as much as profit-making.

training account

Open a training account on


Let us see how to setup an account step by step. Before that we must know few things about the application, don’t we? So let us dive deep 

We need to have an application to start a our free training account.

MetaTrader 4 or MT4 is a software platform that lets you trade in the forex market. 

You can use it to practice trading with fake money called a demo account or to trade with real money called a live account. 

You can use other platforms for forex trading, such as MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and C Trader. But for now and let’s focus on MT4 and see how does it works.

You can download the application by simply clicking on the above button from the playstore. 

How to install with ease.

Compatible with both computers and phones.  I’ll guide you through each stage of the process.

Let’s first examine how to set up the application on your phone. You must look for the app name in the app store on your phone. After that you must tap the app icon and select the install option. Await the phone’s app to download and install.

You can then launch the application and start your forex trading

STEP 01 - 04

STEP 05 - 08

STEP 09 - 12

You will have $3000 as fake cash to learn the trade.


Now let’s see how to download to the PC. To do that, go to the website. We created a demo account from the phone, let’s create it on the xm broker site from icmarkets.pc. First go to the website from this button.

Navigating the XM Waters: A Beginner's Guide to Opening an Account and Starting to Trade

The vast ocean of financial trading beckons, and XM stands out as a prominent island for those interested in navigating the currents of forex, commodities, and more. But, if you’re a newbie, charting your course and setting sail can feel daunting. Fear not, intrepid trader! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to confidently open an XM account and initiate your trading journey.

Step 01: Registering an Account

Your adventure begins at the XM website, your gateway to the trading world. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, but for now, set your sights on the prominent “Open an Account” button, usually located at the top right corner. Click it, and prepare to set sail!

You will prompt in this place to create you first account if you have not created one.

Step 01 : Then choose your country 

Step 02: Type your email 

Step 03: Choose a good strong password 

Step 04: Agree to receiving news letter, company news and product updates. That can be fantastically useful

Then click the button register

Remember your Password: 
Note down somewhere as you need that for your real and demo account login for later

The following screen will appear to you as that you had received an email to you to confirm your account. 

You will receive an email from the XM to confirm your registration with them

Now click the button Verify Email. Then you will see a screen as below and your account is ready for next step. 

You are successfully registered to the services. 
Officially. But, you haven’t started the process yet Aha! . So let us now see how to get start. 

To do that you must click on the Orange Colour Button “VERIFY PROFILE” 

Then you will be taken to registration process as in the following guidelines. 

Here is the four step profile details application process.

Now you must type your 

  1. First Name in your official Document 
  2. Middle Name which is optional (You may leave blank if you don’t have one)
  3. Last Name 
  4. Then pick your Date of Birth 
  5. Then make sure to type your phone number for contact

Now you must type your 

  1. Country of Residence
  2. Address 
  3. City/Town
  4. Street Number if any 
  5. Postal code 

Then you will have to add “FINANCIAL DETAILS” on next step

Now time to fill details for your Investor Profile

  1. First Name in your official Document 
  2. Middle Name which is optional (You may leave blank if you don’t have one)
  3. Last Name 
  4. Then pick your Date of Birth 
  5. Then make sure to type your phone number for contact

What is that message

  1. If you haven’t yet did any trade or you don’t  have any trade experience it is prompting that there is a risk factor involved in this. You must learn well and do that. It will let you open the trade account, buy you should not that you may be exposing yourself to risk that fall outside the knowledge and experience.
  2. So if you have already obtained enough knowledge and ready to get in WHY WAIT, choose one option and carry on!

Now time to upload your address proof. The bill that you’re getting to your name is vital. Once it is being verified you will be notified.  Please contact us via our WhatsApp if you need any assistant on this regard. Click the button below to do so

Step 02: Creating Training Account

Once your document got verified, you are good to go with your account settings and see what we can do there

  1.  You can deposit fund to your account using this button
  2. Withdraw Fund is the button that you make the withdrawal to the account 
  3. You can see your account details and your account number will be shown as that
  4. You can see that your account is a Real account.
  5. If you click Demo Account button you will get the demo account detail
  6. You account History will appear down in this place 
  1. You can get the icon as on the desktop after you download the application Download the application from this link below 👉 https://my.xmglobal.com/platforms/mt4
  2. Now you can menu and click on the menu “File” to sign in to your account
  3. You will get the account Balance details as in this example 

Where you will get your login details?

Check your email that you got from the XM as “Welcome to XM” In that if  your scroll down you will get following details

  1. You can use the same password you used during the sign up process to enter to the account with the following details 
  2. The Demo Account Credentials are given to you as this
  3. The Real Account details are given as follows 

Now you are ready with your training account. Demo Account Details that you got from XM Welcome Message is your credential to do the trading.
Let us do Demo Account Trading in our next lesson